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We’re just a phone call or email away. The Psychotherapy Association can help you get started and answer any questions you might have about our therapy services.

To get help, simply choose a therapist and contact us. We will return your call or answer your email within 24 hours.

The first step will be our individualized consultation interview. This process is designed to carefully match each person with the most appropriate therapist, treatment mode — and location — suitable to your needs.

At the interview your needs are sensitively, expertly — and confidentially — evaluated. Whether individual, couple or family treatment is indicated, all therapy sessions are provided in conveniently located private offices in New York City and Westchester.

All communications with The Psychotherapy Association, including names and phone numbers, are kept strictly confidential and will never be shared with any third parties.

How Can You Benefit?
Almost anyone can benefit from talking about their problems with a skilled professional, but there are certain stages in life when the need may be greater:

Symptoms of Life Stress:
Feelings of Unhappiness, Excessive Fears, Sexual Difficulties, Emotionally Related Body Reactions, Gender/Sexuality Conflict, Blocks in Realizing Your Potential, Self-Destructive Behavior, Difficulty Getting Along with Others, Changing/Balancing Roles

We provide treatment of all symptoms of stress including anxiety, depression, panic attacks, loneliness, isolation and self-esteem issues.

Why Choose Us?
Throughout our 33 years in practice, we have helped countless people lead happier, more productive lives. We offer high-quality psychotherapy for moderate fees. You will receive highly individualized therapy in private offices. By listening, talking and providing a supportive environment we will help you foster growth and development.