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Sometimes life’s changes can be overwhelming. We are here to help you through the different stages in your life:

The Single Adult
Negotiating the singles terrain in New York can be a frustrating and sometimes humiliating experience. Dealing with the loneliness and isolation while still maintaining your self-esteem often requires the understanding of a skilled psychotherapist.

The Troubled Adolescent
The teenage years can produce emotional turmoil that affects the entire family. This can range from social isolation, failing in school and substance abuse to suicidal thoughts.

The Couple in Crisis
Knowing how to nurture a good relationship, or deal effectively with a troubled one can be difficult — and sometimes agonizing. Making the right decisions about marriage, divorce, starting a family or just keeping the one you have intact, may be the most important task you ever undertake.

The Unfulfilled Career
Work-related stress can negatively affect all areas of your life and functioning. At these times it is crucial that you carefully examine your goals and expectations.

Aging and the Aging Process
Facing retirement, dealing with frail, elderly parents, or just coming to terms with your own advancing years can be confusing and frightening. It is possible, however, to cope with the aging process in positive and productive ways.

The Woman and Man in Transition
The lives of today’s women and men are more complex than ever. Whether you are making a transition from home to work, or from a career to parenthood or facing the challenges of a new marriage, the impact of divorce we are here to help you through it.

In addition to the pleasures of parenthood, being a parent often raises questions of how to bring up a healthy and happy child, as well as how to balance the many roles parents inevitably encounter. Understanding the various stresses and conflicts and finding ways to deal with them successfully can be central to the entire family’s well-being.