Valerie Oltarsh-McCarthy, LCSW, MPH

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Are you experiencing problems regarding a relationship or difficulties such as anxiety, depression, loneliness, and grief? In our work together, we will consider what is happening for you, and develop effective mechanisms for your overcoming these problems.

I listen to my clients empathetically, and promote relationships rich in insight, fulfillment and depth.

Selected Areas of Specialization include:
– Relationship difficulties
– Cultural identity and self-identity issues
– Feelings of shame, isolation and low self-esteem
– Trauma from violent crime, abuse and disaster
– Coping with serious illness
– Coping with growing older or loved ones aging
– Depression, anxiety and life-stage issues

My Approach

The right fit with a psychotherapist is very important. Have a consultation before making a commitment. Ask me your questions and let me provide feedback. In a good relationship with a therapist, deep trust and respect should develop over time, allowing for personal growth and greater capacity and confidence in managing life difficulties.

I am an active participant in the treatment I provide. My clients range in age from late teens through 80’s. I also think it can be fun — creativity and humor go a long way in the healing process! In addition to participating actively in dialogue, encouraging self-reflection and offering insight, I call attention to patterns in relationships and ways of thinking. Clients often tell me that they enjoy our work together, that the treatment feels collaborative, safe and growth promoting. In addition to finding relief from the issues that bring them to therapy, I have been told by my clients that they came to understand and like themselves more fully, and lead more meaningful lives.

About Me

I am fully licensed as a New York State Clinical Social Worker (LCSW-R), with a 4-year post-graduate degree from a contemporary psychotherapy and psychoanalysis institution. I am a supervisor and training analyst at The National Institute for the Psychotherapies (NIP), where I also taught previously.

I have published several pieces in the journal Psychoanalytic Perspectives, and enjoy particularly fusing scholarly work with creativity.

Prior to my career as a psychotherapist, I utilized my master’s degree in international public health as an advocate for refugees and immigrants. I worked in not-for-profit and government developing policy and programs to improve the health and safety of new New Yorkers from all over the world. Because this remains a passion of mine, I continue to work with immigrants as a regular part of my practice.

On a personal note, two of my deepest interests are adventure travel and animals. In my travels throughout the seven continents, I have engaged deeply with people and animals. In learning about the environments, politics, history and geography of these places, my capacities as a psychoanalyst and my commitment to quality of life and human decency have deepened.