Marriage & Couples Counseling

Sometimes life’s changes can be overwhelming.  Making the right decision about marriage, divorce, starting a family, or just keeping the one you have intact may be the most important step you ever undertake.  Knowing how to nurture a good relationship, or deal effectively with a troubled one, can be difficult — and sometimes agonizing.

Our marriage counseling, couples counseling, and relationship therapy will help you navigate through the different stages in your life.

The goal of our counseling is to assist couples – married or otherwise – who are concerned about the quality and durability of their relationship. Each partner often arrives in therapy with a sense that the other partner is no longer as loving as they once were. We help couples dealing with sexual, financial, career, and parenting issues.

In our work together we will provide an emotionally safe space in which to sort out misunderstandings. Couples work on improving listening, making major decisions together, and even how to argue more effectively. Intimacy — inside the bedroom and out — often grows meaningfully as a result of our couples work together.

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